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Please read my story.

I used to raise small breed dogs, then I quit, because I believe all animals I have should be inside my house and treated as family, even though the ones I had, had a nice heat/aired building with furniture to lounge on and a radio playing KLove, and a 50' x 80' fenced yard to run around in.

After that, I know other breeders so I would help them place puppies with families, and pray that they were loved and cared for like they should, and it would give me money for things.

I wanted to retire from that when Joe retired. But I have found it hard to do that because I can no longer afford to fund the needs of others that just need the basics, like food, safety etc. It's overwhelming.

When someone crosses our paths that needs help, we are suppose to help. We are suppose to serve others like Jesus. And the only way for me to do that is make money the only way I can (because I have health issues), and that's helping place puppies so I can have funds to help others. I get half of what I can place them for. I also do doordash, but that doesn't bring much.

A few years ago God brought Janet across my path. She lives in Uganda and she has a BIG, special heart for the street children.

A few years ago, pastor in Uganda posted pictures of 2 young boys, stripped naked, had tires put around them, fuel put on it and set on fire, because they were accused of stealing food. It really shook me to the core. 10-12 year old street/ abandoned/ orphaned boys were hungry and just needed something to eat, but the police weren't even sure they took any food, and they are the ones that did tortured and killed them.

The horror on their faces haunt me from seeing the pictures of them burning.

Janet helps feed the street children in Uganda, and tries to get school supplies so they can learn, be safe and be able to make a better life for themselves. But the most important thing is, she teaches them about God. And since an American lady that had been helping provide passed away, I am the only one helping them.

She's asked for help from others and they promise, but never follow through. And I have asked for help and no one has acknowledged me to help.

It doesn't take much to to help them compared to what we spend here. I wish I were rich, but I'm not. It really hurts to not be able to do more.

They were also made in the image of God, and when someone helps them, it's just like helping Jesus, He said so. I can NOT turn Jesus down if it's in my power to help.

I have breeder friends that will let me select a puppy or 2-3 from a litter to try and raise money, then I can help them.

I know people don't like anyone breeding dogs or whatever now, because of the situation all the shelters are in, and over breeding. I don't like it either, but they are going to breed and sell anyway, and when I told God a few years ago that I wanted to stop doing it, He reminded me that He gave me a way to help others by doing this.

I'm not bragging at all, but through what I have done I was able to buy 10 cars for people who needed them, get shelter for and feed the homeless, & groceries for people in need. Pay peoples electric and water bills so they weren't shut off, get weary hikers a motel and food for the night, or even take them to their destinations and whatever things needed that helped others. These are my treasures.

So, I just ask, if you are looking for a puppy and will take care of it, or you could share the pups so others can see them, I would appreciate it.

I love all animals and want them to be cared for as they should of coarse, and God gave me a way, even through all my health issues to help. I don't have an excuse not to help, except when I don't have the funds. I know some people will still disagree, but God puts us humans above animals and we should take care of mankind first.

Thank you.


P.S. I have a website that I will try and post details and more pictures on of the puppies, but comments are in the pictures of them.

MyRainbowKennels.com was created a long time before people started to disregard the real meaning of the rainbow. 

If not posted on my site when you look, check back. Thanks.

Love and Peace to you all. These are some of the kids I help. But I can no longer do it on my own, and I don't want them to go hungry, not be safe, not be educated, but mostly, not know Who Jesus is.


They are happy to get beans and rice at least once a day to sustain them.

With one pencil and a notebook they can be taught in the school. They don't have the privilege of hardly any other supplies.  

They are taught to love God and pray for others. Many times the children have prayed for me. Please pray for them, and me, so I can help provide.  


 Prov 25:21-22 21

 If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink: