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 These pictures are of Sosha. She's my spoilt baby.


She's my pride and joy. Her mom nursed her for 6 weeks, with my help, but then her tiny little body was weak and needed constant care for the first three months of her life, and special care from then on for about a year. She now weighs a whopping 2.2 pounds.

 She's 8 months old here.

Here's Sosha with her dad Dinky on her first birthday. Dinky weighs 4 pounds.


Here's Dinky's mom Cassie, Sosha's Grandma. She's 13 pounds. Don't know how the babies came out so small, but I'm glad they did. She's being lazy in this picture.

Here's Cassie on her Pony, Buddy. I had Cassie 7 years before Dinky came along. And she was 9 when Dinky made her a granny to Sosha.

 Cassie is 13 years old and the matriarche of the family pets.

Below is Sosha surrounded by her babies.

Sosha will never have real fur babies, but here are the ones she's adopted lately, and she's real protective of them. If she sees another stuffed animal that the others are playing with, she'll wait til they put it down, then go get it and drag it to her nest with the rest.


If you'll notice, in the picture her little mouth is crooked. She went out in the yard a couple years ago and got stung by a bee on her chest. It made the whole side of her head swell, and when the swelling went down, her face remained whop-sided. But she still has a cute little face, huh??? She'll be 4 Nov 19, 2010.

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