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If you are pictured on this page, and the info is missing or wrong. I mess up sometimes and forget or misplace the info.  but will be glad to add or change it for you.




Miss Betty got her new baby after the loss of her beloved pet.

This is Sid, Lita and their daughter. They came to pick up their new addition to the family, Lil' Bing. This is their 3rd pet they've gotten from me so far. Snickers (pictured) is the second.

~ An update on Lola ~

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Lola (Kiara).  It’s hard to believe that she’s been with us for almost a year already!  She has grown since that little 2.2 pound princess that we brought home.  She now weighs in at 6 pounds and is 12” from neck to hips.  She has a wonderful personality and I swear at times she thinks she’s a cat!  Loves to cuddle and is a wonderful addition to our family.  I have attached a picture of my daughter Jenna and Lola just as she was leaving for her Senior Prom

 The Hludzik Family

Margret and her little pal Ciara show her new baby, Chi.

Terri and J.W. came to get their new little baby Pomeranian

Melissa brought little Abby go pick up her birthday gift, a little Shih-Tzu boy.

The Phillip's added this pretty little girl Shih-Tzu to their family.

Misty needed me to meet her so she wouldn't have to drive so far. She picked up her new addition, and definately one of my favorites of all time, Jasmine, renamed Grimi.  

 ~ Update on Rosie and Lucky from Susanne, their new Mommy ~

They are so sweet in the morning - They are so happy to get up and start a new day.  I usually go ahead and take them outside before anyone else or the other dogs get up.  They are doing pretty well on their housebreaking.  We took all the dogs to the dog park yesterday and they had a wonderful time running and playing.  We didn’t stay long because it was so hot and we didn’t want them to get over-heated.  Either one of them will get in my lap for a nap most days.  One morning Rosie was lying on her back between my 2 shoes beside my bed.  She looked like the sweetest thing you ever saw.

Denise brought her daughter and got her a pup for her birthday

Andrea, John and MacKenzie came & got their little chocolate chi girl


The Claywell family came and picked up their little puppy.

If I post pictures without IDs, it's because I lost it. Please send in the info if you can.


Margie and Robert adopted Spike the Ratt Terrier


Riley and his grandpa came and adopted Jack.


Carolyn and her son Corey came to pick up her new puppy Lil'Man.

 Shay & Becky sent an update on their little Min Pin Chi, Lola.

Devin their daughter is pictured here with her baby.

Here are a few pictures of our daughter with her new puppy. She decided to name her Lola. Lola is such a good little puppy and we just think she is great fit for our family!  Thanks for your help with her.

Becky sent an update on her family's Shorkie boy

Cupid is doing great. this pic was taken 3/14. he weighs 2&half lbs.   he is a big cuddle bug...and him and Cookie (our choc lab) get along great. The boys absolutely love him to death. Hes already going places with us. loves to socialize.....the smartest and most observant dog i have ever had.
Cindy, Seth and Kaison


 Miss Mary got this cute little Chorkie., Her grand~daughter fell in love, sooo  

Her Grand daughter sweet talked her parents into getting them this cute little boy. This is Kelly and her daughter.

Karen and her son came to get their new puppy.


Here are my good friends Pam and Harry, oops, I mean Gary. Pam knows me about as good as anyone. She wanted to post some comments, and wanted to be listed as a reference contact.

Thanks Pam for the kind words

I would like to write a little something about Christell. I have known her for 8 years. I have not purchased a puppy from her. I frequently call her (5 or 6 days a week) I have called on Christell more times than I can count to help me with puppies or my adult dogs.  I have a small kennel with several Beagles. I know Christell is very busy taking care of her little dogs,but she has always found time to help me when the vet is closed. She has gave me so much advice on dogs and what they need. In this day and time going to the vet is an expense we can not always afford. She has taught me there is so many ways to take care of your pet with out that expensive office visit. I some times just feel terrible about calling her all the time. So I will take one of the beagles to my vet and of course the next time we talk I will tell her what the problem was and she will tell me I could have done this or that .Guess what she hits so close at times I feel stupid. I only hope she does not feel I am abusing her friend ship. I work full time and to have some one available to me 24 /7 is priceless. If you purchase a puppy from Christell and you have any concerns I highly recommend you talk to her first. She will give you great advice and some times she will say take the puppy to your vet or she will offer to care for your puppy if you live near by. I would like to add my phone # for any one who would like a personal reference on this lady. She is a AAA+ person when it comes to honesty,friend ship and dependable.

Pam McCloud

Linsey and her family came from Tn to get their new baby, Hope was a special puppy and now has a great new family.

The weather was so bad, I couldn't get Jill's new baby shipped, so she flew in from Chicago to pick him up. I delivered him to her at the Nashville airport.

Thanks Jill

Mr Copas adopted one of the Long Legged Jacks, Jake. We still have his brother for adoption.


Elizabeth came down Christmas morning to pick her baby up. What a cute little Yorkie-Chi she is. Elizabeth named her Charlett.

                Peggy sure picked a pretty girl. This little Chi-Weenie is a little doll baby.


  Misty and Kristin picked up their babies at the same time, a girl and a boy Yorkie Chi babies. 

  This doggy is Sky, I had been fostering her until she found a new home with Catherine. I foster a few dogs. Maybe I can help you find what you are looking for.

    This little doggy is Tessa. The Hill family came to pick their new little girl up.

Bill was looking for a different dog when I showed him this pretty girl. This Boston Pit seems to like Bill very much.

Ben and Mandy drove up from Tn and adopted Minnie the Chihuahua

Kelsey and Ashlee drove down from In. to pick up their puppy. The kids are getting this pretty pup for Christmas. Merry Christmas everybody !!!

Sometimes I ship pets, This is Sabastian. He lives in New Jersy now. April sent me an update on her new puppy... She wrote...

omg i love sabastian so much he hops like a bunny. Harley follows him and lays by him like he is his protector. He goes pee on wee wee pad at night but pooped on floor. He is wonderful and has made us so happy with his cuteness and he loves to be hugged and he gives lots of kisses.
Thank you so mush you have given us a great Christmas gift.
April, Harley & Sabastian



Update on Bella, the chi-weenie !!

Hello Christell,

I'm not sure if I have already sent this picture to you, I was going through my pictures of Bella and thought you would enjoy seeing what a spoiled little ham she is! I promise I did not pose her, she really sleeps like this sometimes! She is too funny. I can't believe she turned 1 in October and we have had her a year in just a few weeks (new years eve day).
I just want to Thank You for all you have done. You are more than just a breeder, it is very obvious from the way you care for your animals and from our countless emails; you are someone who genuinely cares about the animals you breed and the pet parents that buy from you (the section about puppy care on your website is the Best! I followed it when we brought Bella home and it made the transition so smooth!! Now I tell all new pet parents about giving them yogurt). I have bought from other breeders in the past and once the payment is made and the puppy is picked up, there is no more communication. Which I think is very sad; as a breeder you know more than most people that purchase from you and I am very glad to know I can always ask if I have any questions or concerns about my little one. It is such a comfort to know that I can contact you if I need anything, especially advise on how to handle miss Bella's little attitude! lol!! From the day I brought Bella home, she has been the healthiest, happiest, and most playful dog I have ever had.
My husband is not as big of an animal lover as I am, but because Bella is such a good puppy and all the kindness you have shown us, he is going to let me get another one!! (and he prefers that it come from you...coming from him, that is a huge compliment!!!) I never thought I would see the day he would be so in love with an animal (well, actually she's just furry and has 4 legs, but she doesn't know that! She is really our child) I know she is the Smartest dog I've ever had! She amazes me every day!
Thank you so much for your friendship over the last year, I really hope your family has a wonderful holiday season. I hope to see you again soon and bring home another baby!!
Merry Christmas,
Nicole, Kent, and Bella Anderson
This is Bella !

Hey Nicole, my doggie Cassie sleeps like that too sometimes.

Christina and her lovely family came to get Drake, the little male dapple weenie. She said he's so funny. When they got home she said he gotta barking so fast he was snorting, she said she fell in love with the little fella.


She wote...

My family and I were looking for a small puppy on craigslist a couple of months ago.  I saw an ad for a female weennie.  I called and talked to Christell serveral times about the dog and what is was that we were looking for.  When we got to Rainbow Kennel we were able to see first hand how much love and care all the dogs receive.  They were all treated like humans...lol. We ended up buying an 8 wk old male silver dapple weennie.  Christell has always answered all my questions and concerns up to this very day!  I know with out a doubt, my baby Drake  came from a great kennel!   

Brian and Andrea got their little weenie girl. Isn't she cute?

I met the Lawsons halfway, so they wouldn't have to drive so far, to get their new family member Odie. 

Katrina and her friend Lisa picked up new adopted Pom, Angel

Sharon an her daughter Misty with their 2 new pets

And another Misti picked up Little Man the Pom for his new home.

Richard and Mary with their new adoptee Carly

Jennifer adopted Oreo and she says their doing great !!

She wrote recently a few words I could post.

christell has gave me the most loveable and forever friend, I am a mother of 2 girls and no boys but christell has gave me my little boy and I get wonderful comments on him as i do on my girls. She truly has the best companions for any family and would be my top pic if i was to add another.

Diane and her son Josh with their new Dapple Beagleweenie

Donna, Matt and little Gabby with their new BeagleWeenie Maggie

An update on Tommy, the birthday boy. Isn't he cute???

Hi Christell!
I attached some pictures of Tommy on his birthday. One year old already! He is slowly but surely calming down as he grows up and everyone that meets him falls in love with him!
Thanks, hope you enjoy the pictures! =]

Update from Flossy's new home.

Hi Christell,

Just wanted to thank you once again for the new addition to our family!! She now goes by Mollie. You would think she has been our baby for years!! She is so precious. She and Abbey, our min-pin are best buddies! We love her so much!! I will send more pics soon!!

                                             Thanks again for our little blessing!


This is an update from LeeAnne who has Streak.

We love him so much!

He is with my 3 year old son Jaxon in this picture!! He is very good with the kids and also very smart!

Thank you again!!  I will try to send more pictures as I get them!

This is Shirley. She and her brother drove all the way down from Churchville, New York, 12 hours one way. WOW, I know this baby is going to be spoiled.

This is Chris and his girlfriend Heather, they live in Russellville Ky. Theyhave a new little Shorkie.

Carissa wrote me to let me know about her new baby. It makes me so happy to see one of my babies get a great home where I know they'll be loved.


Thank you so much from bringing “Izzy” aka LaBella into our lives!  She’s a pure joy..so sweet and cuddly!  She’s doing wonderful here, already spoiled rotten.  She likes to play at 4:00 AM each morning…yawn..it’s just like having a newborn around!

 I can tell she was loved and cuddled and had a wonderful beginning at your home.  Thank you for that!  She’s a pure delight to have in our home.

Took her to our vet Saturday and he gave her the thumbs up!  A perfectly happy and healthy little puppy!

Here’s some pictures of her from this weekend.  She’s already made friends with the neighbor’s yorkie puppy (that’s my daughter, Addy, holding Izzy)!  My daughter is completely in love with Izzy and Izzy follows her all around the house and yard.  It’s SOO cute!`

Thank you, Christell, for the wonderful addition to our family!  I’ll send updates and let you know how she’s doing.


Nancy wrote and filled me in on Lola, had to share

Lola is doing well, she was at the vet again and is up to 3.3 pounds. 
She has a wonderful spirit and loves all of the attention that she gets. 
We also have a Cairn terrier named Bentley who will be 10 this week. 
She just can't understand why he doesn't want to play sometimes.
They get along extremely well. 
We had to put a little step stool near the couch so that she can hop up there just like him. 
They have become great pals. 
I have attached some pictures.  Oh, the Pet Show, Lola won first prize for the
"Smallest Dog".  She was the hit of the show and was priceless next to the huge Great Dane.
 Isn't she cute !! She's a Shorkie

Kimberly and Ian with their new addition, Penny

                 I shipped this little girl puggle (Bella) to PA. The Rodriguez Family

                                     Jason, Laura, Zachary, Ryan and Bella

 Laura wrote me after she arrived, " My oldest Zachary just fell in love with her, and my youngest Ryan thought the baby puppy was cute. Thank you so much for all of your communication. It was a pleasure working with you. "


The Avis family ended their boating outing with a new puppy, a Yorkie-Chi. Boy

 Geneva from Red Boiling Springs Tn adopted Peaches the Pom.

Jessica got this cute little girl Chi-Weenie baby


What a cutie, this little puggle girl got to go home with Rion who drove down from IN.

The Pretty ladies in the Newcomb family went home with tiny TinkerBelle

Becky picked this one for her hubby, He's a Min Pin Chi.

Angela and her boyfriend drove down from Ohio to pick up their new puppy, a Min Pin-Chi boy.


This lovely little lady rode up from Tn. with her family to get a puppy for her birthday. Looks like they fell in love with each other right off the start. Hope you had a wonderful 9th birthday Paige.


This is Judy England. She drove from Livingston, Tn to pick up her little guy. A few minutes later she came back to get his brother for her son. WOW, thanks. I know they'll have good homes.


This is Heidi Elston. She drove down from Loiusville, Ky to get her new baby. Read below the update she emailed to me to let me know how they liked their new baby. She sent a picture of Oreo w/her son Connor too. 


Hi Christell,
I wanted to let you know our new puppy is everything we wanted her to be.  She is very active and fun to play with, her name is Oreo and she is a sweetheart.

A very nice man contacted me about one of my pups his wife saw on the net. He told her no way we're getting a dog. But he saved the info and contacted me later about flying the puppy to them. They live in Reading, PA. He wanted to get it for her because he is proud of her for graduating from college. She was very surprised that her husband got him for her. She wrote me later, read below. Good job Michele, hope you prosper greatly in all you do.

I just wanted to thank you for my adorable puppy. He is so cute and lovable!!!  I was very surprised to see him when I walked through the door that night. I never thought my husband would give in, so I was very surprised.
He is adjusting very well. He really did not cry much, but he loves that bunny (I sent a bunny with him). He will wrestle with that thing all day long. He is also very pleasant, has a lot of energy, and is learning to go to the bathroom outside quite well for only being 10 weeks old. Whenever we have visitors they always comment on how good he is for only being a puppy. 
I also wanted to let you know that my husband was so pleased with the way that you worked with him to keep it a surprise and were able to switch airports to make it more convenient. When ever he tells anyone about the dog he mentions how great you were with the whole process. He really appreciated it!!
The Garvin Family

Oliver is at his new home in Brookfield, Mass. with his new family and a new buddy.  The Sullivan family had him shipped. The husband was weary of buying on the Internet from someone they didn't know, but there he is, laying on their couch. I'm glad you went ahead and got him. I know he's a really good boy, and I'm sure he has a good new family.

Thanks Y'all

This is Ryan Schott and his girl friend Beth. They came and got Megan. Beth wrote me later, read below.

name is now Belle, and she's a sweetheart! Everyone that meets her
tells me that she's the best looking chihuahua they've ever seen. I
spoil her rotten. She loves the color pink! She has a pink collar, a
pink purse, a pink bed with diamonds around it, and Easter dress, a
few sweaters, and she loves her Old Navy sweatshirt! She's my little
princess, and i just wanted to give you an update letting you know
everything is going well. I attached a few pictures with this email.
Feel free to write back anytime.
- Beth

This pretty little Corgi-Chi got adopted by a very nice couple, Susan and Matt Thompson.

I want to thank all of our service men and women who are serving for me, my family, our country and other countries to help us all be free.

This is Staff Sgt. William Brice. He lives in KY. He came to get little Angel. Thanks again for your service.

I have rescued a lot of pet's, guess that is one of my purposes in life. Sometimes I get frustrated with all the pets that have to live in bad situations, and people never find out how smart they are, and how much love a pet can give.

This is one of my rescues that I'm very proud of. Goldie lived years in a small cage with a couple others, with cages full of little dogs stacked on top of each other several layers high and many cages wide. For years she lived in a smelly, loud environment with no affection. I came by her through another that got her out of that. Now she has a loving home where she is spoiled and very much loved.

This is Goldie and her new human mommy Cindy Burton. Super nice lady that has come to know how much love Goldie had to give. They love each other, and she has a little furry buddy to boot. Goldie now lives in Kansas City, MO.

       I love you Goldie !!

This is Tommy Rogers. He adopted our little Jack/Healer mix girl. He said she's smart and loves attention. They live in Gallatin, Tn. We still have 2 boys left that need homes. And 2 large Jack Russell males. All six months old. Great farm dog, great companion for the kids.

Mr. David Lowery (hope I got that spelled correctly) came down from W. Virginia to pick up this little chocolate Pom girl, Tinker-Belle. 

Next is Stephanie and Tommy. I wish I could have downloaded the short movie she sent of her little guy Tommy. You can tell they really love each other. It makes me happy to see all my little babies get great homes !!!

This is Tommy resting. What a cutie-pie.

This is Tabitha and Jay Coffey,  they came to get their new little baby.

Tabatha emailed me to say, I thought that getting Ramy from you was great. I learned a lot from your website, and I have enjoyed keeping in touch with you.  This hasn't seemed like a business transaction.  Its like we gained a new friend.  The experience has been great.  I can hope to keep in touch with you from years to come and keep you up to date with Ramy.  It was great purchasing Ramy from you.  It was a smooth transaction because Ramy was already well loved and he has continued getting that same love and attention here from my family.  You are still a part of his family and ours.

The Coffey family.

 This pic is when they introduced Ramy to the kids.

The next picture is Scooby when he first got to his new home in New Jersey.
He's grown a lot since then.

This is Scooby and his mom, Raven. She said she loves him just like he was her own child.  

Next, Sara sent this picture with her new baby girl Carmona.
As you can tell, she loves her a lot.
She wrote.. She is getting bigger....still only
around 4.5 pounds though......but she's doing great,
and she's such a good girl! and the best to cuddle

I'll be in touch,


Next, Vicki sent me this picture of Smokey to show me how
spoiled he is. TN.

Next, Brandi sent me this picture of Romeo. She wrote... he's doing really well, spoiled rotten of course.  He's really alot of fun.

Next, this is Bella. Nicole wrote... She is doing so well!!! She is such a great puppy. I am sending you a couple of pics so you can see how adorable she is. I am so happy with her.
Bella chillin, snuggled up in her new coat.  TN.

Love is having a Fur Baby of your own...