This page is dedicated to all the babies that die from abortion. I couldn't believe what I saw in videos on utube about abortion, Some so graffic, I wouldn't post them here for fear a child might see the horrible torture a baby goes through when being aborted. But I did add some videos of the process in hopes that If just one baby is saved by what I do, it would be worth it.

I myself was unable to have children and would gladly take any of the ones that were aborted, thrown in the trash, or just left to die. Lord, please help the babies. Change someones mind about aborting a baby.

This is Gianna Jessen, she is an abortion survivor.">

Public service announcment from Gianna">

Norma McCorvey, the original activist from Roe vs Wade">

McCain on abortion">

What Joe Biden says about Obama and McCain">

 What Sarah Palin says about abortion">

George Bush on abortion">

 He condones baby killing">

A nurse holds a live baby after an abortion, before he died">

 This shows great pictures of fetus' in he womb">

 A demonstration of an early abortion">

An actual partial birth abortion is going on in the back ground, horrifying !!">

 You abortionists, and pro-choice people better get down on your knees, this is murder">

A horrible 911 call">

This can't be our future">"></param><param