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This Is Minnie Angelo, a beautiful chihuahua puppy and her first painting.  We now have a Paintings by pets section. You can pick which fur-friend you want to do your custom painting. This will help with the rescue part of our efforts to help all animals that I can that cross my path. 


 This painting is sold.


This is Halee. She's a sweet little chihuahua that was born to Honey. She has 2 paintings. One will go to the person who gets her.  


This is Gina, she's a Cavalier, Poodle Hybrid. She likes her painting. I do too.


This a Callie, a beautiful Cavalier, Cocker Spaniel Hybrid. She's pretty proud of her paintings and I can see why, they are pretty. She added a special touch with a little lip painting. No worries, the paint is a washable kids paint.





But with your custom painting, it will include painting, esel and photo of the fur-friend that did the painting. Right now there are 2 sizes, 4" and 5" with more sizes to come. Each painting will chip in on the care of a rescued pet. Each pet could accumulate hundreds in costs.


My Rainbow Kennels & Rescue Offers




If you see pets on any other pages, I can get a custom painting of that fur-friend. 



Call if you'd like more info on anything


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