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Payments to be made with cash if you are picking your pet up.  Other payments excepted are Paypal, postal money order, cashiers check or Western Union.

Western Union is the fastest way to get the ball rolling on shipping your pet. I can have the money the same day in most cases.

Paypal takes a few days for the money to hit my bank account, but soon as it does I can start the process. (rainbow.kennels@yahoo.com  is my paypal account) Usually takes 2-4 business days to clear. And since paypal charges me 3.5%. Sorry, I will have to pass that on. For every $100, add $3.50.

If paying with money order or cashiers check, you need to send it priority through the post office, UPS or Fedex. Make sure you get a tracking number so you'll know when I receive it, and in case it gets lost we can track it. When shipping this way, make sure you contact me and give me the tracking number so I can count the pet you are purchasing as sold. For cashiers checks, I will call to verify the cashiers check from the business it was wrote on so I don't have to wait 10 days for it to clear. I was given a fake cashiers check before, so that's why I do that.  

As soon as I get the money in my account, I will make an appointment with the vet to have your new pet checked out for any possible health issues, and so they will be OK'd to fly. My vet is very busy so it may take a few days to get in. Upon request I can use a different vet, but their rates are higher and you would have to cover that cost. Besides her being a good vet, and a great person, she's cheaper and that's why I go there.

If the vet says there are some issues with your pet, I will contact you. If it's something minor, you may want to get that pet anyway. If not, I will see if you'd like a replacement pet or a refund.

If it's something serious, I will not sell the pet. But, I've never had that happen before.


If you are REALLY interested in a puppy, pick up the phone. They might not be here later. Several times I've had people email me over and over about a pet, then someone calls and purchases it before the email-er made the commitment. They lost out on a great pet, and got mad at me for it. I can't hold a puppy without payment/deposit. There are people who promised a payment at a later date, then didn't follow through, so sorry, I don't do that anymore.

Please don't get a new pet until you are sure you know that you can commit to the needs of your pet for years to come. I don't want any of my babies to wind up in the pound or abandoned (and ya better not abuse them either). If you find you can't take care of it, I will take it back, even if it's years from now.

If you need your pet shipped, I can ship to most of the lower 48 states. Shipping costs start @ $275, but like everything else shipping has gone up and may be slightly higher. Shipping costs include, airfare, vet visit for a health certificate, a reusable crate and fuel.


My address is:  Christell Jung

                         PO Box 139

                                          Adolphus, Ky 42120

When you send a payment in the mail. Make sure you : 

Write : which pet you are paying for and put your name and phone number on the m.o. or cashiers check. A separate piece of paper should have, name, address as it appears on the drivers license/picture ID of the person that is going to pick it up, phone number, airport and pets name.  That way you can be sure I know who sent it and for which pet. Remember, I deal with so many people, I just can't remember everything.

It takes about 7-14 days for the shipping process. First, payment has to clear, then I will schedule a vet appointment for a health certificate,  when vet OK's pet for flying, I will let you know. Then, with your info I will book a flight. I will try to accommodate your date and time, but I have no control over when the airlines can fly your pet to your airport. When I drop them off at the airport I will call you to let you know your pet is on the way. When you pick your pet up from the airport, I expect you to give me the same courtesy and call and let me know they arrived OK.

  I love all my pets and it would grieve me to know something bad happened to one. So again, make sure you can commit to a new pet before you get it. If you let them, they will show you unconditional love. Take the time to know your pet and realize they have feelings too,  they respond much better and learn much faster to love. Unlock your pet's potential. A dog will love you when no body else does.

Contract info.


Hope you have many wonderful years with your new pet !!!